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minecraft mods buildcraft wiki

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minecraft mods buildcraft wiki

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minecraft mods buildcraft wiki
MJ is the energy that BuildCraft 3 uses. MJ stands for Minecraft Joules. It is generated by any kind of Engine and can be used by any kind of BuildCraft machinery.How to install: Download and install Minecraft Forge; Download the mod; Go to %appdata% Go to .minecraft/mods folder; Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file …

Welcome to my website. This site is all about the Mods I’ve made for Minecraft! Down here you can read about the latest updates about my mods. Currently, I’ve developped the following mods: -PneumaticCraft, a technical mod (like IndustrialCraft 2, BuildCraft, and Redpower 2) which is all about pressurized air. -MineChess, which brings chess to Minecraft in a Harry Potter kind of way. The pieces are living. This mod also comes along with world generated chess puzzles which reward or punish you when you solve or screw up a puzzle. -Minesweeper Mod, brings the oldschool windows game Minesweeper to Minecraft. Besides that you can create your own minefields, it’s also possible to find them in the world. Both will give you rewards when you solve them. -Sokoban Mod, brings the game Sokoban into Minecraft. Many people know this game, but maybe not known as Sokoban. It’s a puzzle type game and the goal of the player is to push boxes around until they are at their goals. -In-Game Wiki Mod, gives in-game info about stuff in Minecraft. Aimed to be a way for other modders to easily add in-game info about their mods in the game.

MineMaarten Twitter: https://twitter.com/MineMaarten Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFy3IgH50jmMBRJPzdRy6A IRC: #PneumaticCraft on EsperNet Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/minemaarten

-DISABLED VERSION CHECKER! PLEASE UPDATE TO THIS VERSION! -Added various new models (even more to come later), thanks to Morton00000! -Added Pneumatic Helmet model, thanks to trade12. As it looks too good (you read that right), it is turned off by default. -Improved the Block Tracker so it never will lag the client again. -Capped the maximum upgrades in all machines to prevent TPS issues.

-Added Twitch Streamer sensor. -Added full In-Game Wiki mod support! -Changed plant generation config to support different generation chances (instead of simply turning it on/off). -Added some defence against people crashing with AE2 alpha versions and the Pneumatic Helmet. -Pneumatic Door Base now can be camouflaged with Chisel blocks.

-Bugfix: Crash with Thaumcraft golems trying to interact with pneumatic machines. -Bugfix: Clay Buckets when right clicked on Etching Acid turns into an iron bucket of Etching Acid. -Bugfix: Dupe bug with Air Compressor shift clicking. -Bugfix hopefully? Pressure Chamber randomly hurting the player if it’s standing outside the chamber.

-Bugfix: Crash with use of Thaumcraft’s Wand Core of Equal Trade. -Bugfix: Drone Sphere area mode takes measures from the corner of the center block, instead of the center of that center block. -Bugfix: Drones getting stuck on inventories (again :P) -Bugfix: Pressure Tab in the Drone’s inventory GUI in the Charging Station isn’t accurate when inserting Volume Upgrades. -Bugfix: Entity Tracker gives ‘Entity is tracking you’ for passive mobs and also when the pressure in the Helmet is 0 bar.

-Added Pneumatic Helmet individual module enabling/disabling, with optional keybindings. -Added Block Tracker category selector, with optional keybindings. -Added Tube GUI for the Air Grate Tube Module and Pressure Gauge Module. -Added redstone control for the Pressure Chamber Interface. -Added ‘Constant’ sensor to the Universal Sensor. -Added Button hacking. -Added Item Search support for AE2 Storage Cells. -Added ComputerCraft peripheral, Thaumcraft Aspect blocks and IC2 Energy, BC Energy and Hydraulicraft Energy block tracking. -Added AE2 Storage Disk support for the Block Tracker and Item Searcher. -Added Third party enabling/disabling config options. -Implemented bpskrs’ Config GUI. WARNING: THIS WILL RESET OLD CONFIGS. -Disabled the ability to compress blocks in the Pressure Chamber (only entity items now). -Added Item Search GUI overlay.

-API: Exposed IBlockTrackEntry to be able to add your own block trackers. -API: Added IInventoryItem to be able to register your own storage items (like AE Cells and bags). -API: Changed getConnectedPneumatics() in IAirHandler to return a Pair list.

-Bugfix: Sync issue with Tube Module GUI’s. -Bugfix: Crash when using Entity Attack with an Area piece that is not set. -Bugfix: Pneumatic Helmet is twice as fast with initialization and tracking (bug existed since the 1.7 port). -Bugfix: Tracked inventories with the Pneumatic Helmet don’t get their contents updated. -Bugfix: Security Station doesn’t allow hacking/sharing to occur. -Bugfix: Blood Magic ritual on plastic plants always drops Burst Plant Seeds. -Bugfix: Dupe bug with Pressure Chambers. -Bugfix: Pressure Chambers air connections derp when having more than two Valves in one Pressure Chamber. -Bugfix: Small sync issue with Slime Plants. -Bugfix: Regulator Tube Modules sometimes allow higher pressures to go through. -Bugfix: Crash when trying to autocraft Assembly Program / PCB Blueprint with Applied Energistics.

-Ported to Minecraft 1.7.10. -NEI items and buttons now wrap around the GUI tabs. -Added Helmet Hacking. -Added Tube GUI’s. -Added hurt and death sounds for Drones. -Added Plastic Plants Harvester Dolley (Hydraulicraft integration for automated plastic plants harvesting). -Added Blood Magic support for the “Reap of the Harvest Moon” ritual for Plastic Plants. -Updated Air Grate Module model (Morton00000). -Added Thaumcraft integration:  Most items have aspects, Pneumatic Helmet can have the Repair enchant. Golems can harvest plastic plants. -Tweaked Drone digging, placing and attacking air usage downwards. -Tweaked Volume Upgrade volume increase from 1000mL to 5000mL. -Added tameable (wolf and ocelot) taming stat for the Entity Tracker. -Drone now can use any imported offensive weapon (like a Sword) when executing the Entity Attack program. -Network Dataшаблоны для dleскачать фильмы

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